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Alex Oquendo

Alex Oquendo

Personal Trainer, Speciality Fat Loss And Mobility And Flexibility Training

N.A.S.M. National Association of Sports Medicine
P.I.C.P. Poliquin International Certification Program Level 2
Precision Nutrition Level 2
F.R.C. Functional Range Conditioning
F.R.A. Functional Range Assessment
U.S.A. Weightlifting Level 2
Mi40 Level 1

Alex’s passion for training started all the way back in his High School days. He was obsessed with finding any training information he could find in You Tube Videos, elite strength and conditioning journals and in the brains of anyone at the gym that would lend him the knowledge he was looking for.

Although Alex was learning a lot during this time, he was acutely aware that that his knowledge was far from complete and that he wasn’t seeing all the progress he was looking for.

It was then that he realized he wanted to become a true professional in the Fitness industry so that he could reach higher heights for himself, and, help others achieve their fitness goals.

He then proceeded to get certified by N.A.S.M. as well as became a certified phlebotomist and has been helping his clients achieve their goals ever since.

He has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from stay at home moms who just want to tone up to to World Class fighters from Brazil, Germany, and Japan.

Coupled with ERA Fit’s methodology, Alex’s fresh style of training and motivation is the perfect combination to help anyone achieve their fitness goals.

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