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Sergio Spasov

Personal Trainer, Speciality Fat Loss And Body Type Transformations

Sergio’s early years were spent in Macedonia playing basketball at a highly competitive level.

His drive during those years was always to be the best athlete possible.

Unfortunately, during a championship game, he tore his ACL and wasn’t able to play basketball for a year.

To help his recovery he started working out with one of the best personal trainers in the Macedonia.

He committed to doing absolutely everything that his coach recommended so that he could recover quickly. Early in the recovery process, he saw his knee getting better but also started to see a drastic change in his body and performance as well.

It was during this time of his recovery that Sergio realized that he wanted to commit his life to fitness and help others have the same transformation that he had.

Sergio is also a Model for the “Models In” Agency and has worked for company’s that include “Emporio Armani, Lagerfield, and Anthony Morato.