5 Things Your Personal Trainer Is SICK Of Hearing

Your personal trainer is only human (yes, super humans are still human!) and their ability to help you will be affected by how much you actually want to be helped… 

A good personal trainer wants to help you achieve the best results for your own well being that you can. As the number one rated personal trainer in Miami, we will do everything in our power to ensure you meet your goals. But you gotta work with us! 

Here are 5 things personal trainers don’t wanna hear from you. 


  • “But I’m tired” 


Yeah bud, so am I. We are all tired. Life is tiring. You might sleep a little better tonight if you smash your goals though! Getting some exercise in is a good way to get your blood pumping and your energy levels buzzing. 

If you just want to talk about how tired you are though, then that’s a great way of making everyone in the room’s energy drop. From now on, “T” word is banned. 


  • “I can’t” 


This one really sets personal trainers’ teeth on edge! You can’t? Why not? Be specific. “I can’t” can mean so many things: have you pulled a muscle? Are you being lazy? Talk to us buddy! 

If you are genuinely in pain, communicate that to us, and we will help. Don’t just vaguely say you “can’t”. 


  • “Do I have to?” 


No, no you don’t have to. Nobody at all has forced you to pay for this programme, roll out of bed, get down to our state of the art Miami fitness studio, and be here with your dedicated PT. If you’ve made it this far, you might as well give it a try. 


  • “Stop correcting me, I know how to do it” 


If we are correcting you, it’s not to put you down or make you feel bad, it’s because the way you are performing the exercise we have given you is likely to cause damage to your body. We want to avoid you causing damage to your body, so we will correct you. 

If being corrected annoys you, try living the rest of your life with a slipped disc.


  • “Yeah… I worked out… tonnes….” (Obvious lie) 


Do not, and we cannot stress this enough, lie to us. We won’t be mad at you if you didn’t meet your fitness and nutrition targets over the week. These things happen. You have to tell us though, because it will show us an accurate picture of where you are in your journey with us. 

Our personal trainers design our plans based on your progress, which we are continually reassessing with you. You want the best results? Fantastic, so do we. You gotta work with us though to ensure we are all on the right page. 

Our pledge to you

We will always treat you with respect and dignity. We will never mock or bully you for things beyond your control, and everything we do in our programmes is designed to help you. We are your allies, not your enemies: So work with us, and we will be able to work with you the best we can. 

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See you in the gym!

Eric Richard Allen