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Alejandro Roque

Personal Trainer

F.R.C. Functional Range Conditioning
N.C.I. Nutritional Coaching Institute (Pending)

My name is Alejandro Roque I am Cuban American raised in the city of Miami. As a young kid I always enjoyed being outdoors playing sports and competing with friends in different outdoor activities. As I got older and started high school I joined the football team and that is when I got introduced to what high level training really took. But I ended up hanging with the wrong crowd and barely graduating high school. I did some college after high school and quickly realized it wasn’t for me. I started to work the night scene behind the bar and again got into bad habits that lead to depression. Did this for about 5 years. Until I found fitness again in my late twenties and completely turned my life around, fast. It gave me a sense of purpose, everything clicked and I was my highest self during these moments after my workouts in the gym. And that is when I knew I wanted to do this as a career and for longevity. I got certified and now I like to train my clients for not just physical health but mental health and emotional health and have them understand that movement truly is the medicine that we need everyday to attack life with purpose and clarity.

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