Calculating Macros Made Easy For Weight Loss

How to easily calculate your macronutrients isn’t rocket science! We are here to help you. 

What is macro? It is a protein, a fat and carb. At the back of your food under the nutrients information you will see each of these will give you a gram measurement of what is in the food you consume. 

We are going to give you some easy tips and tricks on how much fats, protein and carbs that you need on a daily basis.

Firstly you may not actually even need to be on a specific macro plan right now. If you are starting your fitness journey and looking to lose a substantial amount of weight or lose a substantial amount of fat, then we need to start with just the simple things to get you going before we start to look too much into your macros. It also takes the burden off of being very specific and the amount of work that may be needed in order to calculate the food that you’re consuming. We would say to focus on taking out processed foods, lowering sugar intake, eliminating overall inflammatory food and hitting a protein goal is one of the most important things to think about first.

Once you’ve reached the point where you’ve burned above body fat and you’ve lost enough weight and you need to start dialling it in, that is when we focus on calculating macros. We now want to know exactly how much protein, fats and carbs that you need to be consuming. 

We have tested and tried numerous over the years but the one that has been consistent is the Precision Nutrition Calculator

You have to start off with a short questionnaire which talks about how many meals you eat a day, what type of foods you like, what’s your end goal and much more. It then breaks down how many proteins, fats and carbs you need and gives you some practical insights on how to calculate it without actually weighing the food so they’ll give you portion sizes. For example, you need a portion of protein that is the size of your palm or a handful of carbs. 

It helps to have an idea of size rather than always bringing a scale and think you need to weigh your food.

What we then do here at ERA Fit is we take those macronutrients recommendations and then we put it inside our app to make sure that clients can always access it but we also break down the measurements into a meal plan for you so you get notifications to your phone as to when to eat the specific meals.

You can also sign up for a free consultation with us if you want some feedback and some interaction about how to understand your calculations and if we recommend any changes based on your goals. Plus we can show how our app works to give you a meal plan and macro plan so you can get notifications reminding you.  


Eric Richard Allen