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Cambrya Jones

Personal Trainer (Specialization: Olympic Lifting & Strength and Conditioning)

Cambrya has been an athletic and personal training for the past 10 years and comes from an impressive fitness background. She’s an American sprinter and Pittsburgh native who graduated from The University of Pittsburgh where she studied communications and competed on the Women’s Track and field team. Recognized as an All-American athlete by the NCAA, winning conference titles and competing in both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Trials representing the Unites States as an USATF athlete. After college she relocated to Tallahassee Florida to continue her training and earned a contract running as a Nike athlete. This is where she grew her love for travel while competing all over the world representing her country. A change in coaches made Cambrya think of what’s next? This is when she decided to move a little further south to Miami and pursue personal training full time.

Coaching and personal training became her natural progression specializing in speed and agility, Olympic lifting and strength and conditioning. Her love for fitness is evident while taking pride in being a resource to others. Knowing education is key Cambrya makes it a point to not only coach and queue her clients but also explain the importance and background of the movements. Truly believing health and fitness is much more than looking good to reach any short-term goal and more of feeling confident in your skin and live a long healthy life.

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