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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer is not a choice that should be taken lightly. Personal trainer are expensive, but they can also be life-changing, if you have chosen one that is right for you. A decent personal trainer will not only help you work out, but they will also give you the support to change your entire outlook. 
Unfortunately a lot of people can go away to weekend courses and become “qualified” to take people through their personal health, growth and fitness journeys.
There were problems with crossfit for example, because people would get these qualifications which barely scratch the surface of all you actually need to know to train others. This led to people getting injured in their classes. 
It is hardly surprising that injuries happened, since these people who claimed to be fully qualified instructors were actually in no way, shape or form truly ready to be instructing others. They lacked the essential prerequisite information to keep their students safe. 
These weekend courses are excellent starting points, for sure, but they can’t replace the years of diplomas a personal trainer can and should be obtaining. 
Make sure you ask your potential PT about what Bachelor’s degree/training they have obtained: was it physiology, exercise science, or nutrition? Which certifications have they completed? If you find your potential PT cannot answer these questions satisfactorily, then they are most likely not qualified to be teaching you. 

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ERA Fit’s Personal Training Process

One of the important questions you should be asking any personal training is what their system for attaining your goals is. Every trainer should have a process, and if they do not, you must be prepared for a training that lacks any sense of direction, feels confusing and is a waste of time and money. There are a few different approaches you can take to the training process depending on what results you want. This is why ERA Fit follows the Body Type Training process and A.C.E model. 
Explained in short, Body Type Training means that our training, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, goals and specific workouts are all created specifically according to your needs. Your natural body type, lifestyle and mental needs are all taken into account when designing your programme. 
Traditional methods of measuring health, such as BMI, have been understood for a while to have little bearing on reality: it does not take into account your muscle mass, bone mass or general body shape, and while someone may have an “overweight” reading, they may be totally healthy. 
This is why ERAfit, a Miami-based personal trainer, will assess your programme according to your actual body type. With a BA in exercise science, 12 years of experience, 19 certifications in exercise science and having clocked 12,000 hours in personal coaching, his assessment will come from a place of expertise. 

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