Choosing the Right Online Personal Trainer

If you are ready to make the positive changes needed to become a healthier and happier version of yourself you may be considering an online coach, and you’re in the right place. All of the trainers at ERA Fit are highly qualified and have everything it takes to get you to the results you’re looking for.

Online coaching has proven successful for many, but the overwhelming abundance of personal trainers available online is not necessarily a good thing. In fact, most online coaching will never get you to your goals. The personal training business has become oversaturated with unqualified, inexperienced individuals masquerading as “professional” trainers. 

At ERA Fit we have identified the massive gap in the market for a personal training service dedicated to the individual, and targeting every area of their life for optimum results. If you want to see changes in your body, you’ll also need to make changes to your environment, that is: 

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Food

When you are choosing a personal trainer, whether through an online program or in person, you need to find someone who is going to not just tell you which exercises to do, but who will also target those environmental aspects of your life. The ERA Fit ethos is that we are as motivated (if not more) to reach your goals as you are. We set you up for success with a high level of accountability, a solid plan and expert coaching. 

But, how do you find the right coach for your specific needs? 

Identify Your Goals – before you look for, or approach, a personal trainer you need to identify for yourself what your fitness goals are. Knowing this will help your coach to personalize a workout program specifically for you. 

Consider if it’s weight loss, being able to lift a high amount of weight, increasing your stamina, building muscle mass, or a combination of a few things. It’s also important to think not just about how you want your body to look as a result of your fitness regime, but how you aim to feel. 

Find A Coach Who Conducts Regular Check-Ins – an online coach who doesn’t hold you accountable will not deliver you to your goals. Accountability and feedback are crucial to ensuring you are moving the right direction. 

Check-ins should be conducted at a minimum of once a month, but at best every week or every two weeks. 

Make Sure They Target Every Area of Your Life – as mentioned above, if you want to see changes in your body, you’ll also need to make changes to your environment. If your personal trainer is not helping you to tackle those things then they are not doing their job. 

Your personal trainer should be checking in with your mental progress, as well as your physical changes. Are you getting enough sleep? How are you feeling before and after each workout? What fuel are you putting into your body? 

Check Their Credentials – the explosion of personal training services offered online is a result of the “qualifications” that individuals can easily access on the web. People can become “certified” in exercise and wellbeing without ever stepping foot in a gym, and many of those then begin to offer their services to “help” others without having had any in-person experience. This is why despite the growth of accessibility to fitness services, obesity rates in the U.S continue to rise. 

Before contacting a personal trainer, review which qualifications they have and always check their reviews and client testimonials. Do not choose someone simply because they have a large amount of Instagram followers, check why they have that large following. Have they actually positively changed anyone’s life, or just made a personal physical transformation? 

Need help with any of the above? At ERA Fit we guarantee that all of our personal trainers are highly certified with all of the right credentials, and that they truly care about helping each client reach their goals. Your initial consultation is FREE – there’s nothing to lose in enquiring but a whole lot to gain. Get in touch HERE. 


Eric Richard Allen