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Chris Bacari


Since joining Era Fit about six months ago, I have had a fantastic experience training with Giuseppe. In these six months, I’ve put on 8.3 pounds of muscle while also losing around 1% of my body fat.

When I first started, Giuseppe and the owner Eric created an individualized workout and nutrition plan based on my body type and goals. Now, every month we have an in depth check in where we evaluate my body fat, workout routine, recovery and nutrition for the past month. We look at how I am progressing and make any necessary changes for the next month.

Having used other personal trainers before, I can say Giuseppe and the rest of the Era Fit team are significantly more educated and committed to your success than the trainers I have used in the past. I have already seen a tremendous change in my body composition and I am thrilled with the progress they have helped me achieve. I cannot wait to continue improving with them and I would highly recommend Era Fit to everyone.