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Colomba Aguad

Personal Trainer Specializing In Body Composition & Physique Competition

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Colomba made the decision to pursue personal training after the high demand that resulted from her followers of her nutrition and training programs due to her successful career in international fitness expos which she has participated in since 2014. She completed her certification in 2018 and since then has been helping people achieve their fitness goals and contributing to her client’s overall wellbeing.

Originally from Chile, where she was a brand ambassador for many years, she was a brands ambassador for several companies in the fitness industry. Along with hosting Colomba would regularly teach seminars involving nutrition and fitness for other trainers and general public. Colomba made the move to Miami in June of 2021 to expand her professional acumen within US based fitness brands. She specializes in body composition by implementing competitive fitness and body building techniques with her clients. Colomba plans to continue building on her knowledge base by gaining additional certifications and begin competing again in Spring 2022.

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