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Giuseppe Baldasseroni

ERA Fit Trainer

Director of Personal Training

I.S.S.A. International Sports Science Association
P.I.C.P. Poliquin International Certification Program Level 2
BioSignature Level 1
Precision Nutrition Level 1
F.R.C. Functional Range Conditioning
F.R.A. Functional Range Assessment
U.S.A. Weightlifting Level 2
Mi40 Level 1
N.C.I. Nutritional Coaching Institute (Pending)

Giuseppe’s passion for sports and fitness developed at a young age. Growing up in Italy he played every sport imaginable but Baseball is where he really shined. He played for the Italian National team and won countless awards during his High School Baseball years.

After High School he decided to make a career out of fitness by getting certified as a Personal Trainer as well as becoming a professional Hip Hop Choreographer that produced and danced in shows all throughout Europe. He was the “go to” trainer for some of Europe’s most prolific dancer and entertainers.

With 8 years of personal training experience under his belt he decided to move to Miami in 2014 and he hit the ground running. Since that time he has been helping people of all ages and abilities lose drastic amounts of fat and gain lean muscle through his unique training style. His mixture of European and American training methods produces results that are envied by trainers worldwide.

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