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Haley Henderson

Personal Trainer, Speciality Fat Loss And Body Type Transformations

Haley’s passion for fitness started at the young age of three when she was enrolled in gymnastics as an outlet for her endless energy.

By the age of seven, she had mastered the backflip and continued as a competitive gymnast for years in addition to dance, cheerleading, and cross country, and as an adult, she has competed in marathons and triathlons.

She received her degree in business and after college went on to study her passion and get certified in personal training, yoga and holistic nutrition.

By the age of 24, she utilized her business and fitness knowledge as part of an executive management team for a chain of gyms across the country and worked alongside Olympic athletes. She was featured in media for the company as well as for Under Armour.

In addition to fitness management, she has continued as a master trainer in Miami and has worked with celebrities, CEOs, athletes and people of all ages and conditions and was featured in Voyage Mia magazine in the beginning of the year for her work.

As a mother of a two-year-old, she has a deep understanding of the female body and specializes in getting women into the best shape of their lives!