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Joel Olsen

“Justin Tapper (Personal Trainer/Power Lifting “guru”) and Eric Allen (Head Coach/Owner) and the entire team at Era Fit are the real deal. I’ve had many personal trainers over the years. Stop looking and get yourself into Era Fit. In the time you spend procrastinating about doing something you could already be getting noticeable results. Stop looking at the buff, shirtless trainers you see on Instagram and start getting the results you want in 1-3 months. Expect hard work, bi-weekly check-in’s where body measurements are taken and coaching/counseling on everything that happens outside the gym. This “holistic” approach to achieving your fitness goals addresses not only what happens in the gym, but also the amount of sleep you get, nutrition, supplements, hydration, recovery, etc. The process is well defined and has been proven over and over again (check the seemingly endless number of before and after pics of actual clients). The bi-weekly check-in’s provide the tangible results you need to measure your own progress, and mutual accountability between client and trainer. If you’re not getting results at Era Fit, you’ll know in the first two weeks (and every two weeks thereafter) so you can make the changes that will get you to your ultimate fitness goal. It’s the best overall value I’ve found in all the years I’ve had a trainer.”