Magnesium – The Miracle Supplement

One of the supplements that we recommend our clients to take is good old Magnesium. But what is it, and, more importantly, what does it do?

Well, if you managed to stay awake in any of your high school Chemistry classes, or if you are a big fan of Breaking Bad, then you would know that Magnesium is actually one of the elements located on everyone’s favorite table, the Periodic Table of Elements.

It happens to be the ninth most prevalent element in the universe, the eighth most abundant on earth, and the eleventh most abundant in our bodies; some is found in just about every cell! (2)

Now if you’re just sitting there saying, “Hey, I wonder how Magnesium got its name.”, then today is your lucky day!

It is actually named so because the element was discovered in a region in Thessaly, Greece, known as Magnesia. A farmer was trying to feed his cows some water from a well there, and they were just not having it. For reasons I prefer not to dig into, he found out that this water was able to heal scratches and rashes, and boom, Epsom Salt was founded (1). The salt is essentially magnesium sulfate with water mixed in there, and many years later, in 1808, the great Sir Humphry Davy was able to isolate our favorite little element.

So if anyone ever mentions Magnesium, or something that sounds close enough, you now have the expertise to tell them all about it!

Why do I need it?

Within our bodies we have tons of little reactions that are constantly occurring to keep things functioning properly. The “workers” that help to drive these reactions are called enzymes. Now our good friend Magnesium plays a vital role here, as it acts as an assistant for over 300 of these reactions, and without it they would never be able to occur. (3)

Magnesium is involved with protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, the transporting of calcium to keep our muscles contracting, and it even helps to maintain a normal heart rhythm, among numerous other functions.

In terms of supplementing magnesium, it has shown to have a calming effect and may help you to sleep better. It may also be useful for dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress, all things that develop from leading a modern lifestyle. (5,6,7)

Basically, if you want to sleep better, feel calmer, and have a body that functions in a healthy manner, then you definitely need to get your daily dose of Mg.

Just pretend like Magnesium is an ERA Fit trainer for your enzymes. It works with them as a team to make sure they are all achieving the best possible results they can! After hearing all of that, don’t you think your body deserves the best? Well we sure do, so let’s talk about how to get some for yourself.

How do I get it?

When it comes to obtaining magnesium from following a healthy diet filled with a variety of foods, that’s great, but it may not be enough. Furthermore, the more active you are, or the more often you work with an ERA Fit specialist, the harder it is to obtain all the nutrients you need from your diet. (4)

If you go to to the SHOP tab and click supplements, you’ll be able to purchase “Ubermag” there.

Ubermag consists of a blend of 75 mg of Magnesium from Magnesium Glycinate, Fumarate, Taurate, and Orotate. Studies show that higher quality organic magnesium salts are better absorbed in the body, which is one reason to choose this brand (14), and to get into more specific reasons:

  • Glycine has been shown to reduce oxidative stress (8), improves sleep (9), and is overall an important amino acid in the body.
  • Fumarate is a key component to the energy making process in the body.
  • Taurine helps to keep magnesium in your cells and the combination has also shown effects for improving insulin sensitivity and assisting with muscle spasms. (10,11)
  • Magnesium Orotate may improve exercise tolerance and can correct magnesium depletion (12,13)

In conclusion, you need Magnesium in your life! Hopefully that answers all of your questions about this element, and if you ever want to discuss it more, all of our highly qualified trainers are able to do so. See you next time!

Article written by ERA Fit Trainer – David Rodriguez