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Our Team

Eric Richard Allen

CEO/Owner & Head Strength Coach

Between a life long involvement in competitive sports and traveling internationally as a model for over decade Eric Richard Allen has had to continuously be in the best shape of his life for the past 15 years. In 2006 he realized that health and wellness was his passion so he decided to go back to school for a second degree in Exercise Science.

Giuseppe Baldasseroni

Personal Trainer

Giuseppe’s passion for sports and fitness developed at a young age. Growing up in Italy he played every sport imaginable but Baseball is where he really shined. He played for the Italian National team and won countless awards during his High School Baseball years.

Alex Oquendo

Personal Trainer

Alex’s passion for training started all the way back in his High School days. He was obsessed with finding any training information he could find in You Tube Videos, elite strength and conditioning journals and in the brains of anyone at the gym that would lend him the knowledge he was looking for.

Elke Dietrich

Personal Trainer

Elke Dietrich is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, Zumba and Group Fitness instructor. With over 10 years of training experience Elke embodies German Disciple with Brazilian results!

Carlos Omana

Personal Trainer

Carlos developed a passion for sports and athletics at the young age of 5 when he joined the Metro Aquatic Club of Miami and learned to love the water.

Juan Olano

Personal Trainer

Juan’s passion for fitness and health started at an early age in Colombia as he realized that he had an unparalleled ability in competitive swimming.

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