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Pauline de Valensart

Personal Trainer, Speciality Hormonal Health and Functional Fitness

Crossfit Level 1
PICP Level 1
IIN certified Health Coach
IIN Hormonal Health certified
School of Applied Functional Medicine – Health Coach certification (21-22)

Originally from Belgium, Pauline has been physically active since her early years. Starting with riding horses for most of her life, Pauline then transitioned towards Crossfit in 2012 and completed her Level 1 coaching certification. Pauline moved to the United States in 2015 and decided to further her health education after experiencing and witnessing many differences between Europe and the US regarding food, health, and day to day lifestyle.

While still actively coaching Crossfit, Pauline completed a certification in health coaching with a particular interest in hormonal health. Among many things that health and fitness taught her, one of the most important topics was taking a holistic approach. This not only takes into account exercise and nutrition, but also includes other pillars such as stress, sleep and relationships.

Pauline has always had a passion for helping people get healthy and fit to assist clients to achieve their health and fitness goal is her priority. During her free time, fitness is still a big part of the equation as she enjoys a wide variety of water sports and outdoors adventures living in Miami.

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