So You Want to be a Personal Trainer? 6 Things You Should Know

Being a personal trainer is not just about looking good in the gym and earning clout. It’s a job that comes with a lot of responsibility. Wield your power properly and you have the potential to change peoples’ lives for the better, and make money doing it. 

Benefits of Becoming a PT 

There are many benefits of becoming a personal trainer. Once you are fully accredited and qualified, you will have access to an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career. If you are sick of your 9-5, and you love keeping fit, definitely consider joining this line of work. Some concrete bonuses of the personal trainer career are: 

  • Flexible Working Hours. You can choose what hours you work, because you are responsible for your own business and your own earnings. You won’t be working your behind off to make the boss thousands of dollars, so you can set your schedule around your own goals. 
  • A Growing Industry. The demand for personal trainers is on the up. With the fitness and self-improvement trend unlikely to die any time soon, you could find yourself in a rather lucrative line of work if you joined the personal trainer ranks of America.
  • You are Constantly Learning. There are endless certifications you can take to improve your knowledge. When it comes to being a personal trainer, there are always opportunities to improve how you teach. CEO Eric Richard Allen says: 

“After 11 years in the business, 12,000 hours of coaching, 23 certifications, and 8,000 + body Fat checks It never ceases to amaze me how little I know and how much more I have to learn.”   

To ace at being a personal trainer there are some other things you need to get to grips with. Hint, not all of them are fitness related! Being a good personal trainer takes more than being able to lift. Here are six things you should know before you take the personal training plunge.  

Marketing Skills are a MUST 

You need to have clients to make any kind of a living as a personal trainer. There are a few ways you can do this. 

Getting on social media is a necessity. If you won’t have time to manage your accounts, then look into hiring a marketing agency. You might think it’s overkill for where you are, but they can increase your earnings by a lot. 

More things you can do to attract clients are offering free fitness assessments; running meet-and-greet type events; or just helping people out when you see them in the gym. 


Just because you have a flexible schedule as a personal trainer, it doesn’t mean for a second that you can cancel appointments at the last minute. You are the face of your brand, so to be seen as a reliable, respectful and committed trainer will win you more success. 

You will only grow your client pool with constant, consistent hard work. Letting people down is not the way to do that. 

Make Your Clients Feel Heard 

Often, you may find your clients use your training sessions as chances to vent their feelings. As their personal trainer, you may find they come to trust you emotionally, as well as physically. It’s okay, you don’t need to get trained as a counsellor (although it might help!), but being a good listener will help you to strengthen that relationship. 

Aside from anything else, knowing what’s going on in your client’s life will help you to design a fitness programme that suits them fully. 

You Don’t Have to be Full Time 

If you love training, but don’t think you could do it for 8 hours a day 5 days a week (it does get tiring!) then that’s totally fine. You can choose your hours, and those can be part-time hours, worked in around other jobs you might have. 

The main thing is you need to communicate with potential clients about your availability and not overcommit yourself. The last thing you want is to let people down because you’ve taken too much on. 

You Won’t Always Rake in the Millions 

As with any other freelance career, there are financial risks. You’ll have good months and you’ll have bad months. The key is making sure you have enough savings put to one side to get through the bad months. Financial management will keep you on top of your game! 

Stay on Top of Your Calendar and Your Paperwork 

When you have lots of clients, that means you have lots of information about them; lots of different schedules, and lots of different lines of communication to keep up. Keep all this stuff ORGANISED.

To truly give value to your personal training programme, you should do regular progress reports and assessments. There are various different online platforms you can use to stay on top of this. It should also go without saying that calendars are a must: If you forget who you’re meeting and when, you won’t provide the best service. 


So you still want to be a personal trainer? That’s great, get ready for an amazing career. 

Eric Richard Allen