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5 Questions You MUST ASK Before
Hiring A Personal Trainer

If You DON’T Do This You Will
Waste TIME and MONEY

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ERA Fit’s Answers To These Questions ⬇️

Education: 12 Years, 2 Degrees & 19 Certifications In Health and Fitness

Experience: 12,000 ours of coaching clients, 5000 body fat measurements

System: Body Type Training™ and The A.C.E. Cycle™ (See Video)

Expected Results: 1 – 3% Body Fat Loss Per Month/ 1 – 3lbs. of Lean Muscle Gain Per Month

Testimonials: Best/most 5 star ratings on Google for Personal Training In Miami

Our Success Stories

Our excellent standard of personal training in our brand new Miami-based gym is tailor-made to you and your goals, to get your body looking the way it should. Browse our testimonials and transformations to see what we can do for you.

What Our Clients Say

5 star yelp reviews
5 Star Google Rating
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Here’s What You’ll Get With ERA Fit Personal Training ⬇️

Unlimited Gym Access

Unlimited gym access includes…

  • 1 on 1 – 60 Minute sessions with your Coach
  • Access to our state of the art Infared Sauna
  • Monthly cash prize competitions
  • Atlantis strength equipment (The Bentley of fitness equipment)
Gym Area

Customized Training Plans

Our customized training plans are created from your…

  • Past training history
  • Movement patterns & Mobility limitations
  • Body Type Goal
  • Training availability
Gym Body

Customized Nutrition Plans

Our customized nutrition plans are created from your…

  • Current level of fitness/ Body Fat
  • Body Type Goal
  • Preferences
  • Training volume
  • And your food sensitivities (optional)

Check In’s With A Coach Every 2 Weeks

Your Monthly Check In’s Include…

  • Nutrition, Training & Lifestyle Analytics
  • Body Fat, lean muscle, and strength reports
  • Updated training and nutrition programs
  • Homework assignments
Personal Training

24/7 Access To Our Custom APP

Our customized online training software includes…

  • Progress Analytics (Body fat, muscle, strength, speed)
  • Your daily training, cardio and meals plans
  • Food log & workout tracking
  • Community member area access
members area

If You DON’T Do This You Will
Waste TIME and MONEY