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5 Questions You MUST ASK Before
Hiring A Personal Trainer

If You DON’T Do This You Will
Waste TIME and MONEY

ERA Fit’s Answers To These Questions ⬇️

Education: 12 Years, 2 Degrees & 19 Certifications In Health and Fitness
Experience: 12,000 ours of coaching clients, 5000 body fat measurements
System: Body Type Training™ and The A.C.E. Cycle™ (See Video)
Expected Results: 1 – 3% Body Fat Loss Per Month/ 1 – 3lbs. of Lean Muscle Gain Per Month
Testimonials: Best/most 5 star ratings on Google for Personal Training In Miami

Here is What Get With ERA Fit Personal Training™ ⬇️

Unlimited Gym Access

Unlimited gym access includes…

  • 1 on 1 – 60 Minute sessions with your Coach
  • ​Access to our state of the art Infared Sauna
  • ​Monthly cash prize competitions
  • ​Atlantis strength equipment (The Bentley of fitness equipment)

Customized Training Plans

Our customized training plans are created from your…

  • Past training history
  • Movement patterns & Mobility limitations
  • Body Type Goal
  • Training availability

Customized Nutrition Plans

Our customized nutrition plans are created from your…

  • Current level of fitness/ Body Fat
  • ​Body Type Goal
  • Preferences
  • ​Training volume
  • ​And your food sensitivities (optional)

Check In’s With A Coach Every 2 Weeks

Your Monthly Check In’s Include…

  • Nutrition, Training & Lifestyle Analytics
  • ​Body Fat, lean muscle, and strength reports
  • ​Updated training and nutrition programs
  • ​Homework assignments

24/7 Access To Our Custom APP

Our customized online training software includes…

  • Progress Analytics (Body fat, muscle, strength, speed)
  • Your daily training, cardio and meals plans
  • ​Food log & workout tracking
  • ​Community member area access

If You DON’T Do This You Will
Waste TIME and MONEY