Workouts to Get You Ready for Party Season

As December approaches there’s one thing on everyone’s mind: Christmas. And, with Christmas comes an abundance of festive parties, even more so now after over a year of pandemic-induced-restrictions. 

Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations are a perfect way to blow off steam from the year just gone, and to impress colleagues who usually only see you in work-mode (or who haven’t seen you in real life for a while). The best way to dress to impress is by feeling confident, and the best way to feel confident is to workout. 

Many people who workout do it solely with appearance in mind, however the mental effects of working out are just as (if not more so) important. Before you see any physical changes in your body you will feel more energised, positive and confident. 

Ideally you’ll want to be doing a full workout at least three times per week to achieve maximum fitness, but ultimately you have to do what works for you. Some movement is better than no movement, so we’ve shared some exercises below that are easy to squeeze into your daily routines without having to change too much. 

To Tone Legs and Glutes: 

    1. Squats – an extremely beneficial workout that can be done from anywhere. Every time that you go from a sitting to standing position you are effectively squatting, so knowing how to squat effectively is incredibly important. Follow our video guide 

Try completing a squat challenge song each morning, or prior to each shower – the Flower by Moby song is less than 3.5 minutes long and will have your legs and glutes burning. 

  1. Calf Raises – they look super simple, but they pack a punch and make a huge impact. Strengthening your calves will make your lower legs look their best, while also protecting them from injury – especially if you plan to wear high heels. Building strong calves will boost ankle stability and overall balance. 

To do calf raises simply stand up straight and then push through the balls of your feet, raising your heel until you are standing on your toes. Then lower slowly back to the start. Calf raises are basically intentional tip-toes, which means it is an easy workout to fit into your daily routine. If you work in a standing role, try doing 5-10 calf raises per hour within your working day. If you work in a computer-based role, try switching to a standing position to do your work (if only for 10 minutes an hour), and while standing complete 10 calf raises (or as many as you can). 

  1. Standing Leg Raises – leg raises can be done while laying down, but the benefit of standing leg raises is that they allow you to multitask. Standing leg raises are great for building stability, strength, and flexibility. Additionally, this workout will also work the core and back muscles, making it a great overall workout that’s perfect for beginners and expert trainers too. 

There are a few variations to a standing leg raise: lateral/side leg raise, forward leg lifts, rear leg raises. Each variation will target different muscle groups, with an emphasis on the quads and glutes. Try setting a timer and seeing how many you can manage in that time, and if possible like calf raises these can be done whilst standing during your workout day – perfect for those limited on time. 

To Tone Abdominals: 


  • Crunch – the crunch is a powerful core strengthening exercise that can also improve posture, and increase the mobility and flexibility of muscles. 


Try doing a 30-day crunch challenge, doing more and more each day as your strength improves. 


  • Russian Twist – This exercise will tone your core and your shoulders. There are variations which allow you to adjust the exercise according to your strength and abilities. 


For beginners, keep your feet flat and steady on the ground to help you maintain balance. As you gain strength through repetition of the exercise you’ll be able to raise legs off of the ground to increase difficulty, weighted balls or singular dumbbells can be used too. 


  • Plank – although your legs and arms do a lot of the work during a plank, it’s your core that is activated the most. Specifically your obliques and abdominals. 


Ensure your body is in a straight line from your head down to your toes (or your knees if you need to modify). If you’re on your toes, press back through your heels and keep your hips in line with your spine. Tilt your chin away from your chest so your neck stays long, and take some nice deep breaths. Try and increase the length of time that you plank each time that you do the exercise, aiming for 60-second intervals. 

Incorporating these few exercises into your daily routine will help you to look and feel your best, no matter the occasion. Remember, working out is something that should be in your life permanently, not just during party season. For help maintaining every aspect of your healthy lifestyle visit ERA Fit Personal Training Miami, or join our Online Coaching Program. 


Eric Richard Allen