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Our Coaches

ERA Fit Trainer

Giuseppe Baldasseroni

Director of Personal Training

Specialties: Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, Olympic Lifting & Mobility Training.

Alex Oquendo

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Fat Loss &
Mobility Training

Justin Tapper

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, Olympic Lifting

Elke Dietrich

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Pre And Postnatal Training, Fat Loss & Body Type Transformations

Juan Guzman

Director of Physical Therapy

Joseph Ledbetter

Director Of Operations
and Marketing

Claudia Reque

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Olympic Weightlifting & Gymnastics

Jahn Lozada

Personal Trainer

Specialties: High Intensity Interval Training & Functional Strength

Francisco Rey

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Athletic Performance & Functional Strength Training

Pauline de Valensart

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Hormonal Health and Functional Fitness

Anthony Martel

Personal Trainer

Specialities: Functional Training and Sports Performance

Takeshi Kovac

ERA Fit Mascot

Specialty: Puppy Therapy

We have a team of personal trainers that are highly motivated towards getting results. All have a highly positive attitude and boast exceptional knowledge levels that make them experts in creating training & nutrition plans to achieve your goals.

As you can see below, we have experts in various fields. So no matter what you’re looking to achieve, you can rest assured that you will be able to work with the perfect trainer.

If you like what you see or have more questions, please claim your free initial consultation to have a chat.